2015’s Hot Catering Trends

Gone are the days when couples called potential caterers, without having a clue about menu options, presentation and service delivery options. Today’s engaged couple has probably already done research on the catering company, viewed food photos on Instagram and has made a preliminary decision from word-of-mouth; even before they call a caterer!

Here are some of the catering trends they may ask for:

Gluten-free menu – Gluten in a protein that’s found in wheat and other grains. Many people have an intolerance to gluten and this, in part, has given rise to the popularity of gluten-free menus. Some foods that are gluten-free are: most meat and fish, flax seeds, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, cheese, non-wheat noodles or pasta (made from spelt, amaranth, rice and quinoa) and beans.

Street-food stations – The “midnight snack” option for guests is becoming fairly standard for late-night receptions. “Upping the ante” on favourite street food options and making thme more “gourmet” will be trendy this year. Popular options for this would be doubles, bakes/dumplings and fillings, grilled hot dogs, gyros, fish and chips, sliders, French fries and pizza.

Cocktails featuring herbs – Basil, cilantro, lavender and rosemary are now finding their way into drinks at weddings. Even cardamom, sage, mint and lemon grass can be muddled into cocktails or into syrups for drinks.

Vegan-friendly meal selections – Veganism is certainly not the same as being vegetarian. Vegans go a step further and opt not to consume any type of animal products. Therefore, apart from seafood and meat, a true vegan will not consume products that are animal-derived, such as: gelatin, honey or eggs.

Family-Style – This type of food service is where dishes are brought to each table and guests serve themselves. This is also a good option for weddings that take place at home, beach weddings or informal weddings. Dishes that are ideal for this would be: paella, lasagne, casseroles and pelau.

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