2016 Head Tables Trends


When we think about decadent head tables, we might envision a couple ensconced under romantic fabric draping, aglow with the flicker of candlelight and enveloped by a carpet of rose petals.

Other couples, however, may have far different ideas of what “over-the-top” means to them and we will explore a few of those as well. However, no matter what a couple’s personal preference, when it comes to a wedding’s design and style, the reception focal points that are usually the stars of the show are: the receiving table, the cake table and the head table.

Traditionally, the head table consists of the bridal party, along with the bride and groom. Couples who prefer a more intimate setting may opt for “sweetheart tables,” which accommodate just the bride and groom.

There is even a third option that is gaining in popularity – the “King’s Table,” which is also called the “Feasting” or “Courtyard Table.” This is a large square table that is arranged in the centre of the reception area. Due to its size (usually two or more, eight foot rectangular tables joined together), it can accommodate not only the bride and groom and bridal party but immediate family or significant others as well.

Here are some recent trends for creating stand-out, stylish head tables:

  • Suspended Decor– Accents from “up above” are ideal for creating a dramatic flourish that couples crave. Whether it’s a beaded curtain, a lush canopy of greenery, a cascading floralscape, suspended geometric shapes or a sparkling chandelier; having that surprising floating element is going to ensure that your guests will look up in awe.
    Custom floral walls or floral frames – whether the walls are made of lush blooms or over-sized, handmade paper flowers; floral walls or floral frames (a wire or wooden frame festooned with flowers) stationed behind head tables, are delightfully impactful.
  • Lighting – The Old-World charm of tabletop candelabra and grand candlesticks are both making a huge comeback for weddings at the moment. Couples who prefer a more urban-contemporary feel might prefer hanging strings of Edison bulbs behind a head table. More traditional couples can select the glow of amber uplighting on the head table or underneath it. There is also the lighting effect of “wall washing,” which can have tremendous impact behind the head table.
  • Bolder furniture choices – Many couples are accentuating their head tables with unusual or unexpected furniture selections. Antique tables, velvet chairs, plush art Deco loveseats and contemporary Lucite pieces are now hot accessories for head tables. More attention is also being paid to the detail on bride and groom’s chairs, with the incorporation of banners or pennants, cameos, typography, elaborate chair coverings and luxe metallic or textured table linens.
  • Props – Head tables are being made more dramatic with the addition of a “supporting cast,” – such as ornate mirrors which flank both sides of the head tables, towering florals, lighted life-size letters, a decorated chalkboard or a wall of ribbons.

Need more visual inspiration? Check the TrinidadWeddings’ Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/trinidadwedding/wedding-decor-ideas/

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