Bridal Beauty Trends for 2015

Bridal Beauty Trends for 2015

Bridal beauty trends now seem just as important to the modern bride, as her fashion style. Looks on the fashion runways worldwide every year, have a weighty influence on what will be fashionable for bridal beauty.
This year many of the international designers opted for nearly bare faces, outrageous eyeliner in white, black or neon and even the “wet” hair look!

Here are some of the more wearable takes on bridal beauty for this year:

Hair – Whether it’s going to be a sleek and chic bun or a chignon that’s slightly messy, the bridal bun is on trend for 2015. Buns can be glamorized with stunning hair accessories that wrap around them or accentuate one side. Also popular in 2014 and continuing into 2015 will be braids, particularly fish tail braids. Braids can be worn to the side, to the back or even across the head for a more bohemian feel. Another trendy look is to intersperse delicate flowers within the braid. Accessories such as headbands and flower crowns will be the hair ornaments of choice this year.

Eyes – Lavender, mauve and purple-hued eye shadows will be seen dusted on lids this year. On the other end of the style spectrum, bolder brides will go for all-out metallic gold or silver eye lids paired with pale lips. Black liquid eyeliner will also continue to be popular this year – with the winged “cat-eye” style and even more dramatic versions of it, which edgier brides will favour.

Natural Beauty – This year primer, foundation, contouring and bronzer will be used to create radiance and enhance brides’ natural features. Emphasis will be on radiance and to create a look of where the sun would naturally fall on the face. This look will be completed with either barely-there lips or rosy lips and dewy cheeks.

Lip colour – Whilst orange and bright pink pouts were “in” for 2014, 2015 is seeing a return to classic red, burgundy and wine-coloured lip shades.
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