Curvy Couture Bridal Boutique

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Corner Irving Street, Eastern Main Road, Petit Bourg, San Juan
Eastern Main Road San Juan San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation TT
1 868 686 27771 868 686 2777

Curvy Couture Bridal Boutique is a bridal store that believes every bride deserves to feel excited when shopping for her wedding gown and no matter how Curvy, she can still have her dream dress. We are located at the Corner Irving Street & Eastern Main Road, Petit Bourg. It’s not your regular glass window storefront but a private home with a friendly atmosphere.  Curvy Couture offers bridal gowns, bridesmaid and special occasion dresses, along with bridal accessories, such as veils, gloves, bridal headwear and so on.  Newly added are bridal bouquets, hand corsages, boutonnières for men.

Our aim is to satisfy the Plus size brides, of course all brides are welcomed from Petite to Regular sizes; the curvy girl seem to have limited options in the market place.

While most orders are based on customer request, we do have a limited stock of wedding dresses for purchase, especially for those last minute brides.  Each bride is unique in shape and taste, so our customization details takes care of her style and fit.  Bridal wear can be prohibitively expensive, however, we strive to offer quality, affordable and beautiful gowns.

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