“Greenery” is the colour for 2017!


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When Pantone released its colour of the year for 2016, there was much surprise, since it debuted not one but a pairing of colours – ‘Rose Quartz” and “Serenity.” Rose Quartz as the name implies, is a soft pale pink and “Serenity” is a serene light-blue colour. Pantone’s reasoning behind these choices was an attempt to promote wellness and inner peace with their selection. If we had to be honest, we would admit to you that we didn’t particularly like Pantone’s key colours for 2016. They seemed to us, reminiscent of  baby shower colours.

However, Pantone’s colour for 2017 has us excited once more. The colour for 2017 is Pantone 15-0343 called “Greenery.” Pantone describes it as a “tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent.” I couldn’t agree more; to us this is the colour of “nature” – a hue that brims with vibrancy and optimism. It’s also ideal for garden, woodland or tropical-inspired weddings.

Other popular colours from Pantone for 2017 that will probably guide choices for wedding colours are:

Niagara – Imagine the colour of washed blue-jeans – a muted blue. This colour would pair well with any combination of:  Primrose yellow, Pale Dogwood, Island Paradise and Lapis Blue

Primrose Yellow – a warm, sunny yellow, almost like an egg’s yolk. A colour that would be an ideal partner for Greenery, Niagara, Pink Yarrow, Kale and Flame.

Lapis Blue – A deep, nautical blue that would be well matched with: Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Flame, Pink Yarrow and Hazelnut.

Flame – a vibrant orange that seems almost candy-inspired.  It can be perfectly paired with Lapis Blue, Niagara, Primrose Yellow, Hazelnut or for intensity (think Bollywood weddings!)  – Pink Yarrow.

Island Paradise – This lovely aqua shade is so versatile that it can easily work with all of the colours listed.

Pale Dogwood – A light blush pink colour that can act as a good neutral for more striking colours such as Pink Yarrow, Island Paradise and Greenery.

Pink Yarrow – A festive, bright pop of pink that would give 2017 wedding décor major impact.

Kale – an earthy, deep green reminiscent of the kale that we eat. I can see it working wonderfully with Greenery, Pink Yarrow, Flame and pale Dogwood.

Hazelnut – A very light browny-beige and an unusual choice for a neutral. To create a delicate effect, team it with pale Dogwood and Island Paradise or give it more “grounding” by pairing it with Kale.

For more visual colour inspiration for 2017, check the TrinidadWeddings’ Pinterest Board here: https://www.pinterest.com/trinidadwedding/2017-wedding-colours/

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