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Excellent Stores is embarking on a national campaign to celebrate their “Bridal Month” during June 2018. They have partnered with Trinidad Weddings to execute 6 workshop-styled events at individual branches. Each event will cater for 12 engaged couples (or a bride and her Maid of Honour/mom/guest, if she chooses). Each person will be given a goodie bag and you are invited to take advantage of this premium placement for your products and services.


If you are interested:

1. Please read through the guidelines and options below carefully
2. Respond to us via contactus@trinidadweddings.com with BOTH the package and the location(s) you would like.
3. You will then be sent an invoice with your choices and a 48 hour time-frame in which to make your payment. If you fail to make your payment during this time-frame, we reserve the right to make your location and sponsorship option available to others.
4. June 4th will be the last day we will be issuing invoices.
5. Spots will be reserved on a first-pay basis.



Items that will not be accepted since they represent a conflict of interest with Excellent Stores:
• Candles
• Body, bath, make-up/personal care items or gift vouchers for makeup items/body/bath. Makeup Artistry vouchers are welcomed.
• Wedding Registry gift vouchers
• Photography services for the event itself


1. Trinidad Weddings reserves to right to accept or decline requests for product placement.
2. Full payment must be received by Trinidad weddings, otherwise your items will not be accepted by Excellent Stores
3. Payment is non-refundable, unless the event fails to take place.
4. Display space/banner display/presentation time, cannot be accommodated
5. The size of the goodie bag (branded with ‘Excellent Stores” logo) is: 16”W x 13”H x 5” Deep. Your item should be no larger than 8 inches x 12 inches
6. To qualify for the TW Website Member Sponsorship rate, your account must be in credit with us. If it is not, you will default to the “Non Member” Sponsorship Fee pricing
7. Deadline for payments is strictly within 48 hours of receiving your invoice. Payment to be made to the Trinidad Weddings account (which will be provided to you).
8. Deadline for Drop-off of Items is June 5th and June 6th
(*Excluding Tea plates & beverage items which must be dropped off on the day of the event) Items to be dropped off on June 5th or June 6th between 8:30 am and 4pm at Marketing Department, Excellent Stores Head Office, Gaston Street, Chaguanas. NOTE: No items will be accepted after June 6
9. Should you wish to sponsor at all 6 locations, your fee, in addition to your product, is a total of $1000 (TW Website member) or $1700 (Non Member Fee)


• You will receive a contact list of attendees for the location you have sponsored so that you can add to your database and follow-up for further business.
• Mention & promotion as a product placement sponsor on TW’s social media channels – to an audience of over 30,000 followers


Sponsorship Offerings:


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