2015’s Reception Food Trends

I recently had kale gelato – what? You say? That must have tasted terrible. In fact, it was the opposite – the kale was mixed with pineapple and mango flavours and the trio proved delicious.

Turning savoury into sweet is going to be on trend this year when it comes to reception fare. Therefore, you will see more food stations that will be themed on one type of food – take bacon, for example. We will see both savoury and sweet versions of foods incorporating bacon.

Wedding food will also be largely based around the bride and groom’s food passions and so menus will be created to be representative of the couple.

Here are a few popular options for this year:

Small plate station – This is perfect for a cocktail-styled reception since you get the beauty of an entrée but just in a smaller and more manageable size. Small plate options can be as casual or formal as you would like- from a cube of macaroni pie and stewed meat to parmesan polenta and grilled shrimp.

Garden party – It’s been two years since the movie was released but “The Great Gatsby” influence is still very much alive. The move will be towards receptions that feature foods that were popular during the 1920’s, such as: delicate tea sandwiches, devilled eggs, Waldorf salad, shrimp cocktail, canapés, crostini, pineapple upside down cake and petit fours. Guests can wash them down with gin-based cocktails and champagne punch.

Brunch weddings – These types of weddings will be exceedingly popular this year, not only for their reduced cost but also because of the versatility and wide variety of food that can be offered. Brunch weddings can have soups in shot glasses, crepes, an omelette station, waffles, carved meats, gourmet breads and cheeses and for drinks – fresh juices, mimosas and Blood Mary’s.

Specialty stations – We may see more specialty cocktail food stations, featuring comfort foods like soups and “mac and cheese.” The “midnight snack” offering to guests will also continue to be popular.

Dessert – Dessert tables and candy bars will remain on trend for 2015. This year, though, we will see more ice cream and frozen yogurt bars. Cupcakes have also been phased out in favour of cookies – whether they are homemade or elegantly iced.

For more food & beverage ideas for your wedding, follow the TrinidadWeddings’ Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/trinidadwedding/fantastic-food-beverage-ideas/