Jabili Rahway

Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna-Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago
Eastern Main Road Tunapuna Tunapuna-Piarco TT

Our mission is to help the people of Rural India by exposing their unlimited talent. Visit us for Clothing for the entire family (Indian/Western), Indian Crafted Costume Jewellery, Stationery, Decorative Handicrafts/Gift Items, Home furnishings and lots more. ON YOUR MEMORABLE DAY – Fragrant your wedding with the sweet, perfumed scent of BAKHOOR – Guaranteed, long lasting Incense, introduced by JABILI RAHWAY. “BUKHOOR” or “BAKHOOR” is the Arabic name given to Oudh chips soaked in fragrant oils. Bakhoor is a form of Incense which is burnt in a Mabkhara (Traditional Incense burner with Coal) or with an Electrical Incense Burner. The smoke of Bakhoor, carries the fragrance to the air and fills the surroundings with fragrant aroma. The scent gets affixed to things, which makes the scent longer lasting. Can be used to perfume your clothes, cars, homes, and offices. Also an excellent odor eliminator. All our products are directly from INDIA and the MIDDLE EAST.