Passage to Asia

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#7 St. Yves Street, Chaguanas & 30 Fitt Street and Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain.
36 Cadiz Road Port of Spain San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation TT

Passage to Asia Chandelier Banquet Hall is located just upstairs the famous Passage to Asia restaurant. The Chandelier Banquet Hall’s
charming sophistication is perfect for your event with seating for 500 (dining) and 800 (theatre style). Make your event even more special with a catering option of Passage to Asia’s delicious, authentic Indian, Thai or International dishes!

We offer seating accommodation on both the main and mezzanine floors with a built-in-stage, bar, lighting and music system!
The Chandelier is ready to host your wedding, corporate event, birthday, engagement, anniversary, private party or even a concert!

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