Standard’s Bridal Registry Do’s

Congratulations on your impending nuptials! Amidst all the hustle and bustle typically associated with planning a wedding, the Standard’s Bridal Registry is one of the simplest activities you will experience.

Do: Set up your Standard’s Bridal Registry early

As soon as your family and friends learn of your engagement, they’ll want to send you gifts. You can set up your registry with us and notify your loved ones as soon as you’re done.

Do: Register for a range of items at different price points

Consider your guests’ budget and the economy. While you would really want that stainless steel French Door refrigerator as a wedding present, some of your guests may not share that sentiment. Instead, you should include small appliances and 2-3 big ticket items which guests can contribute to. Make your registry reasonable and affordable. You would know your guests best.

Do: Include your Standard’s Bridal Registry Cards in your invitation

It is acceptable to notify your guests that you’ve set up your registry via an insert card in your invitation. Your guests can then proceed to any Standard’s showroom to purchase items on your registry. They can also send Gift Vouchers in lieu of gifts.

Do: Send thank you cards to all who sent you gifts

Within a month of receiving gifts, you should send thank you cards to everyone who sent gifts. A heartfelt, handwritten card will convey your gratitude for the wonderful items you received.

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