Wedding Catering Trends 2017

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What’s the culinary forecast for 2017, as it relates to weddings? This year, there’s definitely going to be more attention on: local foods and favourites, freshly picked fruit and quality vegetables, exotic spices and a continued fondness for food stations in lieu of plated service.

Here are some more catering trends that 2017’s couples may ask for:


More conscious meat and seafood sourcing –   Wedding catering is now putting the spotlight on couples becoming more environmentally-conscious. There’s also more of a focus on serving fare that produces less wastage or foods that are sourced from more sustainable means.


Vegetables –Vegetables are no longer just a side dish on entrées now; this year they will earn star status. Also popular will be much more vegan choices and the trend of “eating raw” (vegetables).


Non-alcoholic drinks – This year we will see more sodas or blended juices which are infused or muddled with herbs such as: rosemary, thyme, ginger, cardamom and basil. There will also be more of a preference for specialty iced teas and flavoured lemonades.


Trendy Bites – More reception meals will comprise one of more of these “hip” ingredients for 2017matcha tea, beets, swiss chard, turmeric, purple potatoes, riced cauliflower, watermelon and any type of smoked ingredients.


Desserts – Gourmet doughnuts will be on trend this year, as will any bite-sized sweet treats such as petit fours.


Hors D’oeuvres – 2017 just might be the year of the crostini – an easy appetizer made with crisp bread and toppings of your choice for e.g. mozzarella and tomato. We will also see a rise in popularity for Spanish tapas and dim sum at weddings.


Street-food stations – The “midnight snack” option for guests will become almost standard for late-night receptions. “Upping the ante” on favourite street food options and making them more “gourmet” will be trendy this year, for example having a pizza bar, a soup and sandwich station, a cheese board or a “mac and cheese” station. Other popular options for this would be kabobs, doubles, meatballs, tacos, bakes/dumplings and fillings, chicken and waffles, grilled hot dogs, gyros, sliders and French fries.


Gluten-free menu –Many people have a gluten intolerance and this, in part, has given rise to the popularity of gluten-free menus. Some foods that are gluten-free are: most meat and fish, flax seeds, fruit, yogurt, vegetables, cheese, beans, cassava, non-wheat noodles or pasta made from chickpeas, spelt, amaranth, rice or quinoa.


Soup shooters – Serving pureed soup or gazpacho in shot glasses continues to be a popular appetizer for wedding guests. Another item that can be served this way is ceviche.


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