6 FAQS about Wedding Insurance

Most couples budget for the “traditional” wedding services such as, catering and photography but usually don’t think about allocating money towards having wedding insurance. Remember that just as many things that can go “right” at your wedding, can take a turn and go “wrong” too!

Here are 6 of the top questions we get asked at Trinidad Weddings (TW):

1)    Why do I need wedding insurance?
Wedding insurance in Trinidad and Tobago is really event and public liability insurance. It’s done for your protection, in case you are held financially liable for unforeseen events that could occur at your wedding. It may also be a requirement at certain wedding venues.

2)    What does this type of insurance cover?
This type of insurance usually covers: adverse weather conditions (e.g. flooding), natural catastrophes (e.g. earthquakes, hurricanes), your liability at the venue for any property damage or your liability if guests sustain injuries at your wedding.

3)    Does my wedding have to cost a certain amount to get wedding insurance?
No, it does not. Coverage is customized to suit your wedding

4)    Where can I find wedding insurance in T&T? 

Most general insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago can provide event and public liability insurance.

5)    Can I get a free consultation about whether I need wedding insurance?
Definitely, you can ask your insurance agent for further information.

6)    What will wedding insurance cost me?
It is usually affordable but you would need to do a consultation first, in order to customize the coverage that’s required to provide protection for your wedding. The cost usually depends on your location, duration of the wedding, the number of guests, the type of security at your wedding and the building’s conditions (e.g. is part of it under construction?).

If you have more questions and need a wedding planning consultation, please visit our Wedding Coach page for more info.