Wedding Morning Preparation

Preparing yourself physically and mentally for the morning of your wedding actually starts from the night before! Meltdowns don’t just happen to bridezillas; even the most organised and calm brides can snap from wedding morning pressures and worrying.
Here is a quick survival guide:

  1. Early Bedtime
    Getting to bed early the night before is important not only for your beauty sleep but also for your nerves. A good idea is to stick to your usual bed time routine and perhaps add in a few things that will enhance your mood – lighting a scented candle in your room, drinking some comforting herbal tea or having a warm shower. Apart from waking up feeling tired, going to bed too late will wreak havoc on your eyes ( who wants puffy eyes on their wedding day? No one!) and skin.
  2. Turn off your cell or hand it over to your MOH
    This will be a tough one to do, especially if you’re always on your phone but it’s a good way to avoid irritations such as guests texting at the last minute to say they won’t be coming or hearing about the non-arrival of certain items. Have your Maid of Honour screen your calls and take only the important ones on your behalf.
  3. Rely on your wedding co-ordinator
    While it’s true that some brides plan their weddings mostly on their own, many fail to realise that someone needs to pull it all together on the day itself. Someone needs to know the plan! And that person is your wedding co-ordinator. Even if your budget does not allow for a full- service wedding planner, a “day-of” wedding co-ordinator will definitely give you peace of mind and ensure everyone is running on schedule. This will save you from stressing yourself out over minor details.
  4. Eat!I have heard true stories about a bride who fainted on her wedding day and another who had to be taking to the hospital for severe gas pains! Having something to eat, especially a solid breakfast and light lunch is crucial for taking you through the day. Remember that once your hair and makeup get started ( 2 hours or more before your ceremony) you won’t be able to eat until dinner time, – since eating might ruin your makeup.