Themed Weddings


The top 5 things to consider when/if choosing a wedding theme

1) What is a theme?

Various online dictionaries describe a theme as “the unifying subject or idea of an artistic work”. This means that the theme is not a selection of colours. It’s a concept that you choose to build all the aspects of your wedding around.

2) Do I need to have a theme?

No. A theme isn’t essential but it does help tremendously when making decisions about everything else. For example, if you’re trying to decide on decorations, there are loads of options. If your theme is, let’s say, an Enchanted Garden, then you’ve automatically ruled out the starfish napkin rings, helium balloons, and international flag collection.

Conversely, you can concentrate on the kind of plants you want in the garden, the lighting, and the glitzy or sparkling items that will make it seem enchanted. Another bonus to having a theme is that when you ask others for help, your theme sets some boundaries for them to work within, which means they’re more likely to produce results that are helpful to you.

3) Which theme should I choose?

Always choose a theme that reflects the personalities of you and your intended. Always decide on your theme together to avoid unnecessary arguments later on. Think about where you met, which occasions have special meaning for you as a couple. What are your shared interests? Or fantasies? (That you can share with the public!) Does a particular memory hold good feelings for you both? Your theme should be something you can sum up in 2 or 3 words at most e.g. Caribbean Palace, Merging our Cultures, Glitz & Glamour, Delicate Rose… you get the drift?

Here’s an example… one of ‘my’ couples was the first born daughter and first born son of very wealthy families. They both wanted something classy and sophisticated that would reflect the importance of this marriage within their circle. The Mount Olympus theme fit the criteria to the hilt – elegant, impressive, romantic, classic and powerful – everything they wanted to say about themselves. Personally, my wedding was a colourful beach theme – casual, relaxed, beautiful, natural, joyful, romantic – everything my husband and I wanted to say about ourselves.

4) How do I stick to my theme?

This is an easy one. Every time you have a decision to make about anything to do with your wedding, ask yourself “does this reflect (insert theme here)”? If you’re doing Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights then ask yourself, does this location, tablecloth, invitation, centrepiece, cake table, wedding dress, pew decoration, etc… reflect Midsummer Nights?

This is why it’s so important to select a theme that really fits your personalities. If you decide on a casual beach hut affair but you’re more of a sophisticated city dweller, every decision will torment you. How can you have those classic engraved silver bell wedding tokens you love, when the raffia tied chillibibi cones seem more appropriate for the beach? I promise you, you’ll have no trouble sticking to your theme if you choose something that is a perfect reflection of you both.

5) What else can a theme help with?

Themes can help get your guests involved in your love story, and enable the friends that want to help you organise your wedding stay on track with what you want. It generally makes wedding planning easier. Most of all, your theme makes your wedding a more memorable event with more meaning for you, your families, and your guests.

by Stacey Leigh Hernandez-Ross,
Former Creative Director of By Leigh Ltd