How to Get Guests to Be Interactive

After drawing up the guest list and managing the RSVPs, you might feel like most of the work is over. Fast-forward to the wedding day and then you have to find a way to get guests to interact and enjoy your wedding!  How do you do this? Here are some easy steps that will almost guarantee a stellar guest review post-wedding:


  1. Analyse Your Guest list

Try to anticipate guests’ preferences for activities, food and music by analyzing their age group and personalities. Is your crowd a party crowd? Or would they prefer a sophisticated soiree? Are they more formal or would they favour a casual setting?

Naturally, this is not to say that you are going to give up your own tastes and preferences but perhaps striking a good compromise between your ideal wedding and entertaining your crowd, will be a happy medium.

  1. First impressions last

Peak guests’ interest even before the wedding with a novel invitation or a save-the-date that’s unique. On the wedding day, ensure everything runs according to schedule, explain each stage/activity to guests clearly and if possible, make a grand entrance of some sort. This will keep guests engaged and looking forward to what will come next.

  1. Create a DIY (do-it-yourself)  opportunity

Whether it will be making their own tacos, ice cream sundaes or chocolate dipped confections, guests often enjoy opportunities to create something that suits their tastes. This can also extend to having a DIY wedding favour table, especially if you have guests who would look forward to crafting, assembling and embellishing.

  1. Entertainment

Arrest your guests’ attention with a show-stopping singer, dancer or musician. Other types of entertainers could be fortune-tellers, caricature artists or magicians.

  1. Serve after-party nibbles

A few hours after dinner time, you can perk up your crowd’s low energy with a tempting array of hors d’oeuvres, an on-site food vendor or food stations serving snacks.

For more reception activities for guests, follow the TrinidadWeddings’ Pinterest board here: