Tips For Booking a Photographer/Videographer

How long in advance should you book?

4-6 months. A longer time may be required for photographers/videographers who are high in demand.

What are the general payment terms for photography and videography?

Most photographers and videographers request a 50% down payment in order to book their services for your wedding date. You usually pay the balance when you receive the proofs and/or the DVD.

Questions to ask your photographer/videographer

  • Ask to see samples of previous work e.g. photos/albums from other weddings, videos from other clients’ weddings
  • Photographer’s/videographer’s qualifications and/or years of experience and list of past clients
  • Ask to review a sample contract for photography/videography services

Find out:

  • How many hours prior to the ceremony your photographer or videographer will arrive.
  • Determine how many assistants you are expected to provide meals for?
  • If you are responsible for paying for the photographer’s transportation fee to the site where the post-ceremony photos will be taken.
  • What is the photographer’s back-up plan if he/she cannot make the shoot on the day of the wedding?
  • If it would be cheaper to hire the photographer per hour or take a package?
  • Whether the photographer will provide a photo book with the package, if not what is the additional cost to purchase one?
  • How soon will proofs be provided? (Most photographers will provide you with digital proofs of photos so you can order the best ones for your album)
  • How many rolls of film will he/she shoot?
  • If you would like an unedited version of your DVD ask whether this is a service the videographer provides?
  • Find out how many copies of DVD you will receive after the wedding
  • How will photographer be attired? You want him/her to fit in with your setting and be attired appropriately


Things to think about before you meet your photographer/videographer

  • Do you want the photographer to shoot any pre-wedding activities e.g. decorating the hall the night before, rehearsal dinner, Friday night/Saturday night of a Hindu wedding etc.
  • Do you want the photographer to shoot any photos when the bride/groom is dressing?
  • Do you want your videographer to interview some of your guests and include the footage in your wedding DVD?
  • How many copies of the wedding DVD would you like?
  • Do you want your videographer to include scanned photographs of you and your partner into the video e.g. engagement photo, childhood photos etc.?
  • Do you want your guests’ reactions captured? e.g. reaction to a toast
  • What is your back-up plan for outdoor photographs, if it rains on the day?