How to create a Nautical Themed Wedding

I’ve always loved the colour navy blue and lately, it got me thinking about nautical themed weddings. A navy-blue dominant colour scheme is ideal for weddings in the Caribbean – providing a crisp foreground colour to a garden locale or by being the perfect complement for destination weddings, weddings near the seaside, pool, on a boat, at a yacht club or on the beachfront.

Even brides who would like a Carnival-themed wedding can take a more vintage approach because of Trinidad & Tobago’s rich history of “sailor mas.”

A nautical theme may be best suited for a bride who is classic, timeless and minimalist in her approach to her wedding look. It may not suit brides who favour a more elaborate, feminine or opulent wedding style.

Colour combinations – Navy-blue traditionally pairs well with white, sand, grey, red, gold or yellow. However, for a more modern approach, combine it with celadon green, blush pink or fuchsia pink.

Invitations – can feature motifs such as stripes, maps, rope knots, anchors, compasses, starfish, lighthouses or boats. You can even use the “message in a bottle” type of invitation, which would make the theme more authentic.

Ceremony – Instead of lighting a unity candle or having a sand ceremony, you can “tie the knot” by using two pieces of rope, to form a lovers’ knot – which strengthened when pulled.

Décor – Tablescapes or centrepieces for a nautical themed wedding can feature – hurricane lamps, beach sand, sea glass, coral, fishermans’ netting, life preservers, fish bowls, driftwood, shells or tiny boats made out of paper or wood. Overhead, creative brides can decorate using nautical-styled bunting or make mobiles or windchimes out of seashells and driftwood.

Food – Try easy seafood dishes such as: ceviche (raw fish marinated in citrus juices and seasoned), accra, crab cakes, clams, oysters, mini shrimp cocktails served in shot glasses or grilled items would be appropriate.

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