General Photography and Videography Tips

Why choose videography and photography services?

 Videotaping and photography preserves your ceremony and reception in tangible ways. These services let you re-live the highlights of your wedding for many years after. If you ask any married couple, they will tell you that their wedding day went by in a flash!

Think of videotaping and photography as family heirlooms. Years later, you get to share them with your relatives from abroad, your children and grandchildren.

 If you can afford it, a good idea is to hire both a videographer and a photographer, in order for more highlights from your special day to be captured. Videos and photos are time-capsules for all the things that make your day unforgettable and unique!

 What different styles/types of photos can you take?

  • Photojournalistic – unrehearsed/candid photos. The photographer takles photos as the day unfolds.
  • Traditional portraiture/Posed shots – photographer guides on poses, groupings and expressions.
  • Soft focus – placing a filter on camera lens
  • Natural-light: this is an artistic style of photography.       Photos are taken in natural lighting and resemble classic works of art with shadows and light
  • Formal portraits done in studio before the wedding
  • Special effects superimposed on the photo e.g. halos, backgrounds, champagne glasses, roses etc.
  • Tinted photos in sepia tones
  • Black and white photography – more expensive than ordinary film
  • Still life pictures – e.g. your bouquet next to your wedding day makeup or jewelry

 Options for storing photos from your wedding

  • Photo books ( digital photos are placed into coffee table books)
  • Acid free paper album
  • Compile a scrapbook – add touches like a piece of fabric from your wedding attire, pressed flowers, your invitation etc.

 Smart Tips

  • Be sure to ask your officiant if photography and videography are allowed inside the ceremony hall. Some religions restrict this, particularly on sacred spots like the altar etc.
  • Start a file of wedding photo poses you like. Take the file/digital images with you when you visit the photographer and ask to see examples of how he/she executed similar poses for previous clients
  • Be sure to find out the cost of each size of print beforehand, e.g. a 4 x 6” or a 5” x 7” etc., so that you can accurately budget for your wedding’s photography.
  • Introduce your photographer to your loved ones prior to the wedding so that he/she would know who to capture
  • If possible, visit the ceremony and reception site with the videographer and photographer beforehand, if possible to scout the best spots for photos.