What do wedding guests grumble about?

Most guests will not tell you face-to-face about the things that have annoyed them at your wedding but chances are they’re telling others! Here are a few pet peeves that guests gripe about:

  1. Feeling Stranded –   Time and time again, guests arrive at ceremony or reception venues and there’s no one to greet them at the door, no one to tell them where to sit, what to do or where to leave gifts. This only serves to create a poor first impression.   A good idea is to have ushers or your Wedding Co-ordinator welcome and direct your guests, particularly those who may need special attention/seating such as the elderly, physically challenged or those with babies or young children.
  2. The never-ending photo session – There’s really no reason why your photo shoot (or change of clothing) should last in excess of an hour and a half, while your guests are waiting for you at the reception. Brief your photographer before-hand, have a prepared list of shots you would like and have your Wedding Co-ordinator assemble your bridal party and groups for photos, at the site of your photo session. These are guaranteed time-savers. 
  3. Tardy bridal party – Contrary to popular opinion, being late is not fashionable; it is quite simply, rude to your guests who have made the effort to make it to your ceremony on time. Try to have a plan of action before your wedding day, so you can avoid leaving your guests sweltering in their fancy clothes, feeling hungry or anxiously looking at their watches! 
  4. Where’s the food?  There’s nothing that irritates guests more than small servings of food, bad-tasting food or the absolute worst – food running out. Remember that weddings, by and large, are whole-day affairs, and whilst guests should not expect a restaurant-like smorgasbord, a fair portion of decent-tasting food (at the correct temperature!) is definitely in order for them. 
  5. Disorganised decorators – Guests who are punctual really dislike walking into a hall or ceremony venue and seeing decorators scampering around fixing bits of fabric, attaching balloons above their heads and fidgeting with centrepieces on their tables. Have your Wedding Co-ordinator manage this and ensure that the venue is ready for your guests, in advance.