7 FAQS about Posting Banns and Marriage Certificates 


  • My ID card has expired, can I still post banns?  

If you have an alternative form of ID such as a passport and a Driver’s Permit, you can use that instead. However, if your ID card is the only form of ID you have, then it won’t be possible.  


  • Can I get married at the Warden’s Office (District Registrar’s office) ?  

No, but you can get married at the “Red House.” Weddings are accommodated at the Red House, on certain days. Contact info for the Registrar General ( for Red House Weddings): 868-223-2452 


  • Do I need an appointment to post my banns?  

No, appointments are not necessary. You can visit the District Registrar’s office in your area, see a list here:  https://agla.gov.tt/home/contact-us/ 


  • Is there an online process for posting banns?  

Not at this time, you would have to visit the District Registrar’s office (Warden’s office) nearest to where you live. See a list here:  https://agla.gov.tt/home/contact-us/ 


  • How long after I post banns will I get my marriage license? 

Seven days after posting banns but excluding the date your banns were posted. 


  • Is there an online process to get our Marriage Certificate?  

Yes, you can apply for your marriage certificate online. You would need two scanned forms of ID (passport/driver’s permit/national ID), a credit card, an email address and event details such as names of bride and groom and place and date of marriage. The cost for this is TTD$25, with an extra cost of TTD$25 for registered post, if required.  


  • I want to go in-person to collect my Marriage Certificate, do I need an appointment?  

No, you do not need an appointment. You can collect it at the Civil Registry of the Registrar General’s Department, the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs, AGLA Tower, Government Plaza, corner of London & Richmond Streets, Port of Spain   


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