What are the rules of engagement?

In the old days, engagements were officially announced in the newspapers by the bride-to-be’s parents. Although this practice is still done in some parts of the world, it is no longer as commonplace as it once was.

Then came the world of social media and the entire wedding landscape was altered.

There is no rule that says you have to do any sort of announcement on social media. fact, there are two camps on the subject – those couples who embrace social media and those who are completely against any form of social media regarding the sharing of personal information.

Here’s a guide for posting about your engagement on social media:

  • Prioritise your people – Parents, siblings, family members and close friends should be first in-the-know, either by telephone of face-to-face. You wouldn’t want to offend them by having them hear it from a third party
  • Best ways to share – The most discreet way is to change your “relationship status” from single/dating to “engaged.” Other ways that are more flamboyant are: to post photos of the couple showing the engagement ring, showing the video of the actual proposal or photos of the bride-to-be’s hand with the ring.
  • Accept the reality – After your social media announcement there will be some friends/followers who will be upset that they won’t be invited to the wedding.

If you are not keen on social media, try these options:

  1. Send out written notes/announcements – Remember that these would be engagement notices and not save-the-dates for the wedding!
  2. Engagement Blessing – Share your announcement with family and friends at an engagement blessing at your home or at a special service at your place of worship.
  3. Throw a party! – Keep the news quiet and make an announcement at a party.
  4. Photo shoot – Book an engagement photo shoot and announce your engagement by sending photos to your family and close friends. You can even incorporate your engagement photos in your announcement (see #1)

For engagement photo idea inspiration, follow the Trinidad Weddings’ Pinterest Board here: http://www.pinterest.com/trinidadwedding/photo-ideas/