Easy Steps For Creating a Glamorous Tablescape

One of the big trends in wedding décor nowadays is the idea of doing a tablescape. The term “tablescape” was first coined in 2006 and it refers to everything that is placed on a table for an event. Therefore, it would include not only the main attraction – which is the centrepiece but also the linens, fabric napkins, glassware, place settings, place cards, menu cards, table numbers and other décor elements.

Whether you are going to be a DIY (do-it-yourself) bride or you’re working with a decorator to create your tablescape, here are some tips:

Use the tablerunner as a guide – There’s nothing more annoying than trying to battle with elements of the tablescape that seem to somehow get on your place setting, or even in your plate.

A key way to solve this issue of overwhelming or cluttering the table, is to use a fabric runner and place your tablescape elements onto the runner itself. This way you will have a ready-made “border” that will prevent items from straying off the fabric and onto the place settings.

Maximise Candlelight – Somehow everything seems better in candlelight; and even people look better under in the glow of candlelight too! Candles bring an added dimension to tablescapes – taper candles can be used in a candelabra, votives can be sprinkled along the length of the table or stout pillar candles can be used as a focal point. Adding mirrors under your candles will also help you to magnify the light. Another trendy option is the use of mirrored vases, which will also help reflect the light.

Height – There is much debate as to the recommended height of centrepieces, however this is largely a personal preference. Many guides recommend that the centrepiece should not be taller than 12 inches, however, there are tall centerpieces that can be designed not to block the view of guests or of the head table. Also, some research has shown that guests often end up talking more to the person next to them rather than the person opposite them. A good idea for visual interest is to mix tall and short centrepieces along the table.

Investment pieces – Whether it is a porcelain bird, teapots, a mini topiary, tin lanterns, terrariums, or a gilded photo frame, look at the items that will comprise your tablescape as investment pieces. These keepsakes can be re-used after the wedding, in your home or for future dinner parties and luncheons.