Engagement Party: Top 5 Questions

Photo credit Tracey-Ann Jarrett (www.photonotions.net)


1. Who hosts?
Traditionally the bride’s parents hosted the engagement party, but now it’s common for any family member or friend to host the celebration event. When the couple’s families live in different parts of the world, the family and friends of the bride and groom may host parties in their hometowns.

 2. What kind of party should it be?
Engagement parties can be in any format but cocktail or dinner parties are the most popular. Sometimes the engagement parties are surprise events when the engagements are announced for the first time. The host and the couple should work together to choose what works best for their tastes and situations.

3. Who should be invited?
Those invited should be close friends and relatives. Depending on the couple, that could be a big or short list. One very important guest rule to remember is to only invite people to the engagement party who will actually be invited to the wedding.

4. What happens at the party?
At a party where the engagement is already known among the guests, the host should lead a toast for the couple. At a surprise engagement party, the host should allow the bride and groom to decide how they would like to reveal the news. In all cases, couples should take advantage of the opportunity to introduce fiancés to their soon-to-be-new family members.

 5. Are gifts expected?
Guests are not obligated to bring gifts to engagement parties in most parts of the world. However, it is good to double check with friends or family about local custom. It’s also OK to call the host and ask. Couples who are conscious of their family and friend’s budgets should tell the host that gifts are not expected.  Should you choose to bring a gift, remember it should be thoughtful but not necessarily expensive.


Article by: Laura Cotton.
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