Quick Facts

Advertisers… here’s what we’ve got that you can hardly find on any other wedding planning website!

  • An average of 20,000 Google impressions per month! (*an “impression” means that a user has seen (or potentially seen) a link to our site in Search, Discover, or News)
  • Interactive TW Marketplace Vendor Portal – so advertisers can upload and update their listings and post photos independently
  • Current & updated database of brides. Our Monthly newsletter goes out to over 1400+ database members (ask about our Direct Mail service and how you can benefit!)
  • “Vendor Resource” Tab on menu bar  – for business advice, helpful articles and courses. 
  • Extremely “sticky” pages: the typical site visitor spends 7 to 30 minutes browsing our site!
  • High visibility Domain Name: guarantees “click throughs” even without search engines!
  • Content updated frequently – weekly and monthly content changes!
    We thought so!
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