Your Engagement Shoot

Your Engagement Shoot

Modern couples are now embracing the idea of having an engagement shoot prior to the wedding.  And why not? It’s a prime opportunity to show off your personality as a couple, get creative on a photo shoot and do something outside of the normal routine! Many photographers now also include an engagement shoot as part of their standard wedding package.

An engagement shoot also enables you to develop a rapport with your photographer pre-wedding. Couples who are camera-shy can also get more comfortable being in front of the camera and can become more confident when following the photographer’s directions and cues.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when planning your shoot:


Some brides may prefer to schedule the engagement shoot on the same day they get their makeup trial done. This way, brides actually get to see how well their makeup lasts during the day and whether the effect is natural or dramatic enough for them. Another aspect of scheduling to look at it is whether you would like to do your shoot on a weekday or weekend. Bear in mind that many public spaces – parks, beaches, waterfronts, botanical gardens etc. tend to get crowded on weekends. Therefore, if you would rather avoid onlookers; a quieter, weekday shoot may be best.

Where to go?

Engagement shoots are not usually done in studio; most are done off-site or on location. Your choice of location can be as simple as having it at home, if that’s where you’re most comfortable. However, if you would like to be more adventurous, your shoot is an ideal time to select a location that reflects your interests. For example, if you are a sports fan, you can choose to shoot in a stadium or playing field or if you love to dine out, you can do your shoot al fresco, at your favourite restaurant or café. Many couples choose locations that are off-the-beaten path such as: on a rooftop, on a bridge or near to monuments or places of architectural interest.

Styling your shoot

It is best to wear clothing you’re most comfortable in for your shoot. If your style is more casual, try not to turn into someone unrecognizable in a cocktail dress and stilettos on your shoot ! The best option is to stay true to your style and clothing preferences. Try to avoid clothing that will become see-through in the sunlight or clothing that will show perspiration stains, if you’re doing an outdoor shoot. You may also want to select props for your shoot – many couples choose to use parasols, balloons, cars, bicycles or beach balls, to inject more personality and interest during their shoot.