Tips on Using Rentals

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using rentals:

Before calling the rental company:

  1. Know the exact number of your guests
  2. Measure the area where you require the rentals. This is especially necessary for tent, chair and table rentals. Once you have these measurements, the rental company can assist you with the approximate number of items that your space can comfortably accommodate. They may also be able to suggest alternatives, e.g. round tables instead of rectangular.
  3. Before the delivery of the rentals, ensure that your area is organised so that there are no delays with set-up time.
  4. Make sure you sign a contract outlining the rental rates (hourly, daily etc.) and return policies
  5. Inspect rental items upon arrival, to ensure they are in good condition. For example, examine table linens to ensure there are no stains, cigarette burns, candle wax remnants, frays etc. Columns and other décor items should be free from dust and dirty finger prints.
  6. Ensure you understand both your responsibilities as well as those of the rental company’s, in terms of delivery times, breakage, misuse, negligence or malfunction of equipment