How to choose signature wedding cocktails

Recently, we met a bride who told us her favours were going to be shot glasses.

Immediately, we asked her, “So,what’s going to be your signature drink served in the shot glasses?’

She hadn’t even thought of the idea!

Having a shot glass wedding favour and creating a signature drink are an irresistible pairing…and also a fantastic photo opportunity.

Imagine it…the couple announcing a toast using their favourite drink or cocktail and one hundred guests happily downing the shot, with cheering and applause to follow! Picture-perfect.

Another visually-interesting take on the signature drink is when couples concoct their drink around their colour scheme and have them served in clear glasses adorned with garnishes, for a pop of interest. This way, your signature drink can add another décor dimension.

Pro Tip!Another bonus of having signature drinks is that they might help you cut your bar costs. Having a few customized cocktails, with beer and wine to supplement, can remove the need for a premium liquor bar.

Ideas For Your Drink

  1. You can get creative by naming your drinks and creating signage or a small chalkboard, on the bartop. For example, if you are jetting off to Aruba for your honeymoon, you can name your drink “Aruban Honeymoon.”
  2. You can have a “bride’s drink” and a “groom’s drink” – so that the bride and groom get a chance to personalize their choices.
  3. You can freeze your signature drink for dessert-time cocktail popsicles or for the after-party.

Garnishing Tips

  1. Embellish the glass rim with edible gold or silver glitter
  2. Freeze edible flowers or fruit in ice cubes
  3. Use strips of sugar cane or rock candy on sticks, as edible stirrers
  4. Freeze grapes and berries and drop them into the drinks
  5. Make do-it-yourself cocktail stirrers (attach washi tape or origami paper to wooden stirrers yourself!)

Here are some ideas for tropical-inspired cocktails or “mocktails”

  • Watermelon and Tequila Mojitos
  • Guava Margaritas
  • Pineapple Lime-ade (non alcoholic)

For more signature drink inspiration, visit the TW Pinterest board at this link: