TW Vendor Code of Ethics

Adherence to strong ethical standards has been the foundation of Trinidad Weddings (TW). What has defined us has been a continued insistence on and commitment to doing business the right way and setting the standards for vendors within the wedding industry. By “vendor” we mean any firm or individual that advertises a product or service on our site or indirectly to any of our visitors.

TW expects that its vendors will share and embrace the letter and spirit of our commitment to this set of standards and principles. To this end, Trinidad Weddings has established a Code of Ethical Behavior for all advertised vendors on its site.

We understand that vendors are independent entities, but the business practices and actions of a vendor may significantly impact and/or reflect upon us, our reputation and our brand, which are our most important assets. Because of this, TW expects all vendors and their employees, agents and subcontractors to adhere to this Vendors’ Code of Ethics while they are conducting business with and/or on behalf of TW. All vendors should educate their representatives to ensure they understand and comply with this Code.



All vendors shall:

  • Conduct their business interactions and activities with integrity and in accordance with their written or oral obligations to the client.
  • Obtain any and all relevant copyright or trademark rights with respect to music or images; or other proprietary or property right releases or approvals from writers, photographers, videographers, graphic/visual artists and performing artists, as are necessary, in order to showcase any information, music, artwork or advertisements which they provide to us.
  • Agree that their advertisements will not bear false advertising, nor infringe on anyone’s privacy or rights of celebrity and will not be discriminatory in any way.
  • Be honest, direct and truthful in discussions or promotions with potential clients or their representatives.
  • Seek at all times, to maintain high standards of professionalism with other vendors on the website
  • Maintain knowledge of and comply with any applicable laws, rules and regulations of any governmental body, regulatory organisation, or professional association governing their activities.
  • Not knowingly participate or assist in violation of any laws, rules or regulations
  • Not knowingly advertise any services of which they are not professionally capable of performing


Any advertised vendor who may be perceived to be in direct competition with the website, either by providing similar products or similar services or by soliciting other advertised vendors for a competing product or service, will be terminated with written notice and with immediate effect by Trinidad Weddings

Trinidad Weddings may request the immediate removal of any representative or advertiser, without a refund of fees, who behaves in such a manner since this is inconsistent with this Code or any of our company policies.


It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that its representatives understand and comply with this Vendors’ Code of Ethics and to inform TW if any situation develops that causes the vendor to operate in violation of the code set forth in this document.


If you wish to report a vendor’s questionable behavior or possible violation of this Vendors’ Code of Ethics, you may send an email to:

We thank you for your compliance with this code of ethics and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you, based on the highest level of ethical behaviour.

By clicking the ‘Submit’ button below you agree to the following:

I hereby waive any and all claims, including claims for defamation and restraint of trade, that I may have against Trinidad Weddings and its vendors, arising out of any complaint, investigation, proceeding or enforcement related to the Code of Ethics.

I subscribe to the Code of Ethics and standard of conduct. My agreement to this document means my pledge to abide by these standards.

Vendor Code of Ethics