An Invitation to Dine Differently…

TW Reviews Aroma Culinary Studio

When the invitation opens with “we invite you to dine differently…” you have to admit that if nothing else, curiosity will get us there at first! Aroma Culinary Studio had its soft launch on August 3, 2017 amidst a select crowd of media and food bloggers. Trinidad Weddings was invited for this signature event, dubbed “A Japanese Affair,” part of Aroma’s “Melting Pot” dining series.

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Chef for the evening – Myles Marbella, former sushi chef at one of T&T’s premier hotels, was both insightful and entertaining – giving us the ABCs of eating nigiri and the history behind the ingredients and dishes.  Front House Manager, Fabian Carter, was the epitome of service, ensuring the crowd was comfortable and tables were quickly cleared and serviced.

We started off the evening with Mixologist Tyrone Benjamin’s “Japanese Slipper Cocktail” – a distinctive blend of vodka, triple sec and roasted pimento syrup, which left a slightly spicy note on the tongue. The menu opened with tuna poke – a raw tuna salad, which was delicious, paired with avocado.

Then came the torikatsu ramen – a hot chicken broth with ramen noodles, topped with cabbage and crispy, panko fried chicken breast. This was followed by one of our favourites for the afternoon – “yakiton” – a tender, grilled pork skewer, paired with a steamed bun and drizzled with teriyaki sauce.

The Chef’s sushi roll containing tempura shrimp, was next, followed by salmon nigiri and salmon temaki – a hand-rolled sushi in a cone-shaped sheet of seaweed. Warm plum sake was served to accompany the sushi and nigiri. The menu was rounded off by a light Japanese cheesecake, drizzled with green matcha tea syrup.

All in all, the evening was a delight from start to finish. The ambience, the guests and moreover, being able to engage with the Chef directly during her preparation of each course, was a truly unique experience.

Aroma Culinary studio offers its “melting pot” dinners, artisanal brunches and a variety of “cook and dine” events; as well as studio rental for special events ( seated capacity is 25). encourages you to check out this “new kid on the block,” if you’re after a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

To book Aroma, email: or call 220-1POT for reservations. You can also follow them on Instagram for updates: @aromaculinarytt

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