Nisamarie and Jean Claude

Couple’s first names: Nisamarie and Jean Claude
Wedding date: December 16, 2016
Ceremony venue: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Reception venue: Green Meadows, Santa Cruz
Photographer: 3GA Imaging  


“Jean Claude first saw me at Maracas Beach on a Sunday in 2008. I was accompanied by a few mutual friends of ours. He approached one of our friends and asked about me; and my friend informed me of this interaction later that evening. I then told her to give me his contact information and I would call him; which I did – the next day!

The first time I heard his voice I believe that he was asleep and I had disturbed him, until I informed him of who I was. Then, his voice along with his entire energy over the phone changed to a cheerful and joyful, one. That first conversation was the beginning of a long and true friendship, which blossomed into a wonderfully blessed relationship between the two of us. We were both so very young and didn’t have a clue what real love was but through multiple conversations and being together, we gradually fell in love with each other.

We waited eight years until we got married. The reason was that I was still in secondary school and had goals of furthering my studies. The moment we knew that I would complete my Bachelor’s Degree in 2016, we made plans to get married that same year. We selected December, since it’s usually such a magical time of the year, where the birth of Christ is celebrated and family members are always together.

The entire wedding was special for me, however, the moment I saw Jean Claude standing at the altar waiting for me, with tears of joy flooding his face was everything and more I could have asked for.

From that moment, all I wanted to say was “I DO” and kiss my husband for the first time as husband and wife.  Another special moment for me, was the release of the Chinese floating lanterns. We both assembled, lit and released the first lantern and watched it float away symbolizing our everlasting love for each other.  I would not change anything about my love story – for it is as real as they come. “ – Nisa Marie

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