TW Luxe

Hello! I’m Simone the Founder of Trinidad Weddings. 

19 years ago, when I first started in this business, it was a lonely place to be in the wedding industry.

Why do I say that?

Well…because there was no one to mentor me and hardly anyone to offer specialised business advice. Most things I learned back then, were by trial and error. Learning this way was time-consuming and costly but the upside was, that I gained so much experience and insight. 

During the “stay at home” time of Covid-19, many of you reached out to me because it was a very frightening time for the event industry. Some of you were assessing your businesses  – trying to find new ways to serve clients, how to figure out your marketing and sales, how to re-vamp your pricing but many of you were  unsure where to start?

In order to share what I’ve learned, with you, I’ve started TW Luxe - a Business Consulting service for Discerning Vendors.

I will give you practical advice; and we are going to strategise together on how to make your business better in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle, so you can spend your time like the productive superstar I know that you want to be!

I would like to work with you one-on-one to help you reach your business and sales goals. You can read more about my academic background and business experience here.

I’d love to work with:

1) Motivated event/wedding vendors/brands who are serious about pushing forward and growing their businesses and;

2) Those who won’t see paying for consulting as a waste of money but rather as an investment in their future quality of life. 

If that description describes you perfectly, join TW Luxe !