TW’s Top Wedding Trends For 2020

By: Simone Sant-Ghuran,

As expected, the beginning of a new decade brings with it a whole new take on the format of weddings. here comes the promise of modern spins on traditions or even, in extreme cases, the “doing away” with the old ways all together. Here’s what is seeing for this year:

  1. Gowns
    Gowns run the gamut this year with two extremes: from sheer, lingerie-inspired and deep-plunging to the more minimalist and modest gowns – which are usually fully covered and sport very little or no beading/lace/trims. Statement sleeves are going to be popular, especially those that are detachable. Gowns this year will also feature oodles of volume – with frothy tiers, pleats and ruffles. Bridal pant suits and blazers will continue to trend.
  2. Micro Weddings – Couples with smaller budgets or those who just prefer a more private or intimate occasion are opting for “microweddings” with a guest list of between 5 to 50 persons. This type of wedding can take place either in the couples’ home country or via a destination wedding format. They can be simple and elegant or all-out extravagant events, depending on the couples’ tastes and budget.
  3. A less formal format – There is a movement away from rigid ceremony/reception programmes and the fixed sequence of events of the past, in favour of a more laid-back approach. This means that in 2020 and going forward, many long speeches may be omitted and standard protocol (like cake-cutting, processionals, bouquet and garter tosses) could be left out and replaced with other activities.  Even formal head tables may be switched out for more relaxed seating options.
  4. Fully-Staged engagement shoots – engagement shoots are becoming much more elaborate and staged, with props, sets, designer gowns, luxury vehicles, animals and exotic locations.
  5. Trending Colours – Pantone’s colour this year is “Classic Blue” – described by Pantone as “…a boundless blue, evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky.” This colour of course, will feature prominently at weddings or versions of it, such as slate blue. Other trending colours for this year are rust, blush, bronze, mint green, plum and burgundy.
  6. Sustainable-Weds – Couples are now actively challenging the environmental impact of their wedding and becoming more of a bargaining force towards encouraging wedding vendors to have more sustainable practices/products.
    Many couples now prefer to have plastic-free serving ware, more local and organic produce, sustainable wedding favours, paperless invites, wedding stationery made from recycled paper and multi-use décor. One trend we predict at and that we hope will become the norm, is the start of recycling stations at receptions, where guest can trash their plastics, paper, cans and glass items accordingly. 
  7. Tabletops – This year we will be seeing more coloured glassware, velvet table coverings and furniture, mixing of prints for table linens and the continuation of geometric centrepieces.
  8. Flowers – In keeping with the movement towards more eco-friendly weddings, we will see more locally-grown blooms being used. Bridal bouquets also seem to be getting larger and featuring more greenery than before. More brides will also be incorporating dried blooms into their bouquet, so we will see more foliage such as: pampas grass, wheat sheeves and lavender sprigs.

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Designer – Julie Vino, Photography: Duke Images