What does an average wedding in Trinidad & Tobago cost?

*Figures quoted as of June 2023

We get asked this question multiple times a month!

Firstly, what is average?

That’s a tough term to quantify. In Trinidad and Tobago, we have a multitude of ceremony formats and wedding styles. These are so different that it’s hard to say what is “average.”

If you want all the “bells and whistles” for every type of major cost category (e.g. attire, venue, photography, videography, special effects, decor, entertainment catering and bar, to name a few), an average you can use is about TT$1000+ per guest. However, if you are willing to compromise on some areas, this figure can be lowered to around $300-$400 per guest or less, depending on what you are willing to go without.

Your cost largely depends on:

  • Your guest list number (these affect choice of venue, invitation quantity, rentals, catering, bar and décor costs)
  • The types of wedding professionals you choose – e.g. do you prefer freelancers? Those with moderate experience? Or seasoned professionals?
  • How formal your wedding will be? (Typically, the more formal, the more expensive)
  • Your location – is it at your home? Or near to where you live? At a hotel or venue? Is it a destination wedding in another country?
  • Is your wedding going to take place in the dry season (you’ll spend on portable air conditioning or outdoor tenting) or the rainy season? (you’ll spend on tenting, flooring, maybe an indoor venue and other contingencies like wedding insurance and transportation)

Remember – a creative and experienced wedding vendor team (including a professional Wedding Planner, who can give you sound advice) can make almost any budget possible!