2023 Wedding Predictions

We predict that 2023 will be the year of bringing a modern take to nostalgic traditions. There’s certainly a more care-free feeling and more optimism in the air (after two years of pandemic cancellations and postponements) and weddings will reflect that!

Here are our predictions:

The return of Dramatic gowns – We will certainly see a nod to 1970s and 1980s bridal fashion this year.  Gowns in 2023 will have more structural and textural details; so we will see more bows, ball gowns, mini dresses, voluminous sleeves and longer and more dramatic trains. The bohemian look, reminiscent of the 1970s will continue to be popular. For brides who want something non-traditional, the 1980s’ “power suit” will be a favorite. Colored gowns and floral prints will also be on trend. 

Bridal Accessories – There will be a return of bridal gloves, pearl accessories and detailing and statement veils (with embroidered messages, as seen on Haily Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian’s veils) 

Wedding Videography – Although HD video is the traditional format used for most wedding videos, more couples will opt for a vintage look for their videos in 2023. As a result, they will request that videographers use 8mm film, for a more nostalgic look.

Historical venues – The search for unforgettable venues with already built-in photo opportunities such as elaborate architecture, manicured grounds and ornate ceilings, will lead more couples to book historical venues in 2023

Décor – The muted and minimal look that was “in” during the last few years will now be out! Décor will be more vibrant and whimsical, for example, the “Barbiecore” aesthetic with its bright pops of pink. In terms of motifs and themes, we will see more floral and fauna prints (think hand-drawn botanicals!), acrylic details, signage and “black and white” weddings. Brides and grooms who are ‘plant parents” will be bringing along their potted houseplants to the reception, to be used as décor!

Wedding Colours – Pantone’s Color for 2023 is called “Viva Magenta” This vibrant deep pink shade will be seen in décor and bridesmaid gowns etc. Other popular colours will be fuschia, tangerine, emerald green, burgundy, lavender and shades of blue.

Wedding Photography- The 2023 photo trend is one of more candid shots, with less of an emphasis on posing. We will see more flash photography ( a flash of artificial light on the subject) and blur motion photography.

A new spin on guest entertainment – Guests are in for a treat in 2023 as more focus will be on them enjoying activities such as: outdoor games and life-sized board games. Other ideas are having a wine tasting, private chefs cooking in front of guests, an interactive cocktail wall, an artist on-site doing personalized drawings. Guest can even build their own wedding favors or accessories e.g. make flower crowns or tokens!

Invitations going digital – Some couples will opt to record and film their “invitations” and save-the-dates 

Safeguarding the day – If the pandemic didn’t spook us, definitely adverse weather conditions might have. As a result, many couples are now more aware of the “unexpected” and want to protect their investment on their special day with wedding insurance.

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