5 Questions with Devika and Kerry

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TW: How did you two meet? 

We met 21 years ago. Kerry came to meet his cousin who just happened to be my friend. It really was love at first sight! What was supposed to be a brief visit with his cousin resulted in him joining lessons for 6 months and he wasn’t even writing that exam!

TW: What was Kerry’s proposal like? 

After having a break in our relationship for about 14 years we got back together. We were both very certain that we wanted to be married. We chose the ring and got engaged. There actually was no formal proposal.

TW: How long did you take to plan your wedding? 

We planned our wedding in three months!

TW: What were the best parts of planning your wedding? 

Planning was really amazing. What was so special was that we both planned it on our own. The staff at Tiki Village, Kapok Hotel was amazing and assisted very readily. For me, the decor was the most fun and we did the decor with the help of my mom. Kerry came up with the color scheme and I executed. The place looked beautiful and very professional. For him, the best part was choosing an amazing menu.

TW: What advice would you give to other couples about the planning process?

Make the process fun. It’s not necessary to fit into a box. Make this day yours and enjoy the process fully. Listen to each other and have a mingling of both persons’ tastes.


Devika and Kerry 

Date: October 7, 2017
Venue: Tiki Village, Kapok Hotel
Photographer: Click Motion Productions
Makeup: Jaime Rampersad
Hair: Farida Ennals-Hosein from Farida’s Lifestyle Salon
Gown: JJ’s House online
Belly Dancer: Nalini Akal