Are micro weddings cheaper than traditional weddings?

A micro wedding usually has a guest list of 20 guests or less (some experts also say 50 guests or less). Micro weddings follow a similar format to that of a traditional wedding (ceremony and reception) but have less guests and can offer more flexibility.

What does more flexibility mean? It means you can choose programme elements you really want and not be held to the “traditional wedding template.”

You can have a streamed ceremony with no guests invited and choose to invite guests only to the reception. You can have a ceremony and reception in one location, with a small guest list. You can choose not to do certain elements like:  the garter toss or cake cutting, or you can shorten up (or even eliminate) the speeches.

It’s entirely up to you!

So, the question is – are micro weddings cheaper?

The answer is “yes” and “no” – because it depends on 3 things:

  • Your guest list
  • The elements you want and;
  • The style of wedding you’re having (formal/casual/semi-formal)

Yes – micro weddings can be cheaper if:

  • The reception hours are less
  • The elements chosen are not as extravagant
  • The style of your wedding is more casual

Micro weddings can be more expensive if:

  • You want to invest in drone footage
  • You choose live streaming services
  • You choose an unusual venue, where you have to bear the transportation/shuttle/accommodation costs for your guests.
  • The elements you want are expensive/extravagant  (e.g. champagne/custom-made items, high-end rentals etc)

Remember, some of the basic services you’ll need still have to be booked. Bar and catering costs can possibly go down (since you’re catering for less guests); however, services like: venue costs, officiant’s fees, wedding co-ordinator’s fees, make up and hair, entertainment, transportation, lighting, photography and videography will still remain relatively fixed/the same as they were before the pandemic (unless the hours booked are less – as is in the case with some venues, entertainment, photography and videography)

Flowers and décor costs, however, can be lower because for example, you may only need centrepieces for 3 tables instead of 20. However, if you’re choosing mostly imported flowers and a complex design, the price per centrepiece or bouquet will still be relatively the same unit price of what you would have paid, before the pandemic.

Smaller guest size also means that your cake can be smaller if you’d like. This can reduce costs, if you’re only having one cake tier instead of 5.

If you have less guests, the good news is that even if you choose to spend more per head (let’s say a premium open bar and a gourmet, 5 course menu), then your overall wedding costs will still be lower, compared to doing a premium bar and a gourmet menu for a larger guest count.

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