Angine & Devin

Wedding reception:  November 17, 2018

“Devin and I first saw each other during Easter in 2011. A few days afterwards, we started chatting on Facebook. He was taking too long to ask me out so I eventually asked him!  It turned out to be an amazing date and so, we kept seeing each other for about a year and fell in love. In 2015, on Christmas day, Devin went down on his knees and asked me to marry him.

However, 2016 proved to be a difficult year for us because I got sick and found out that I had lymphoma cancer . First thing that ran through my mind was that Devin would leave me but he stayed by my side every step of the way. He went with me to all my doctor appointments and made sure that I was smiling every day and never said anything to make me feel less loved, even though we didn’t know what the future was going to be like.

By August 2017, I was walking again and I was cancer-free. By Christmas of that year, I was certain about marrying the man of my dreams. I knew for sure he was an angel sent to me, because without him I wouldn’t have been able to put up a true fight to the cancer.

On November 17, 2018 we had a grand reception for over 500 guests at Devin’s home in Matilda. Every one partied to T&TEC Gayatones; and our night was awesome. We still have to have our Hindu ceremony and I can’t wait to marry him again!” – Angine

Photographer:  Shakeer Shah

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