Bride’s Guide to Bridal Shoes

Finding the right shoe is just as important as finding the right dress! Remember that you will be spending the majority of the day in them, so apart from looking chic; they must also be comfortable, both underfoot and around your toes and ankles.

Also, in order to have a properly fitting wedding gown, you must have your shoes on, since this will determine if any alterations need to be made to the hem of your attire.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when selecting your shoe:

Get your shoes early so that you can wear them around the house and get used to them before the big day. Also be sure to scuff the bottom of your shoes before the wedding, to avoid slippery, smooth soles. You may also want to shop for your shoe later on in the day/in the afternoon, for a more accurate reflection of your shoe size.

Let your venue be your guide:  If you’re having your wedding outdoors – in the garden or on the beach; sexy stilettos may not be the right option since spiky heels are sure to sink into the ground and cause you to stick or trip! If you are not going bare feet on the beach, then you can wear suitable shoes that have a wider heel such as wedges, embellished flip-flops, or you can even try pretty ballet flats (The late Princess Diana wore these so that she wouldn’t appear taller than Prince Charles!)

Finding the Perfect Match: When selecting a shoe, all shades of white are not created equal! When you go shoe shopping take a swatch of fabric from your dress or if you can’t perhaps, a photo of the dress from a catalogue, in order to find the perfect colour matches. If you’re wearing gold or silver-hued shoes, be sure it’s the correct metallic shade that matches the embroidery or detailing in your ethnic wear or in your gown.

Dancing Queen?:  If you love to dance and know that you’ll be “burning up” your reception floor; opt for a pump or heeled sandal that is comfortable, a slingback shoe, a lower “kitten-heeled” shoe or even a wedge-heeled shoe. “Mules” and “slides” are difficult to dance in and they are almost guaranteed to slip off.

Be prepared for embellishment mishaps: Shoes with sequins, crystals, rhinestones, pearls and other baubles are prone to problems such as losing a stone or ornament. They even tend to cause rips in your hosiery or your gown. Be sure to have some crazy glue on hand or an extra pair of shoes and hosiery in the event of this!

Watch those straps – Shoes with skinny straps look sophisticated and delicate but beware – many a bride has broken a strap on her wedding day! Again, be sure to have a “back up” pair in your bridal emergency kit.

For more visual inspiration on bridal shoes, be sure to check the TrinidadWeddings’ Pinterest board here: