Cedros Bay Product Review

By: Simone Sant-Ghuran, Editor-in-Chief, TrinidadWeddings.com 

If I didn’t start off by saying I was skeptical about trying a local beauty brand on my skin, I wouldn’t be telling the truth. I was worried about whether any ingredients would irritate my sensitive and sometimes dry skin. I tried out the products for a week and a half and this is what I discovered: 

Purifying Aloe Cleanser 
At first pump, the scent of this cleanser reminds me of the beach. It is mildly foamy (it could have been foamier but that is my personal preference) and when I used it with a damp microfiber cloth to cleanse, it was able to remove my makeup in one go, even mascara (p.s. my mascara is not waterproof!). Every time I washed off the cleanser, my skin felt supple and not at all tight or dry. I think this gentle cleanser is a winner! 

Hydrating Cucumber Moisturiser 
They don’t say “hydrating” in the name lightly and it must be because of the coconut oil and other botanicals that’s in there too. This moisturiser is not thick or gloopy. A little goes a long way though, otherwise it will end up looking “white” on your face and you’ll have extra work to massage it in! After I worked it in (every time) my face had a healthy glow afterwards. It does smell very “cucumber-y” but in a pleasant, mild way (however, if you don’t like scented moisturisers this may not be for you.) 

Coconut Lip Balm 
This is a light-weight formula lip balm but it’s packed with powerhouse ingredients like: coconut oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, lemon oil, papaya seed oil, avocado oil and peppermint oil – which gives a cooling feeling to the lips. Definitely worth packing into your purse, for touch-ups during the day!

Squalane Facial Oil 
Squalane is a natural moisturiser and it’s actually an essential component of your skin’s natural oils. It was originally derived from shark liver or olives but the squalene in this bottle is derived from sugarcane – a more sustainable and high-quality alternative. This facial oil transformed my dry skin to dewy and plump (just a few drops!). I also read that it does double-duty as a hair oil – improving hair elasticity and flexibility, so I tried it! True to form, it hydrated my hair strands and I would definitely continue using it that way. 

Sea Salt and Lime Soap  
Let’s start with – this soap is a large block, so you are definitely getting value for money!  I liked the exfoliation from the sea salt and there’s also the added benefit of Vitamin C and lime essential oil for that zingy, rejuvenating scent during your shower time. 

Honestly, even though these items were gifted to me, I would re-purchase them all, not only because they deliver on what’s promised but they truly represent “clean beauty” – the products are all vegan, not tested on animals, all natural (no nasty ingredients like pthalates, sulfates or parabens) and the packaging is recyclable. 

Interested in trying any of these? 
Use the code: CEDROSBAY50 at www.cedrosbay.com and this code gives you a $50 TTD discount off purchases over $120 TTD.