10 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2022 from TrinidadWeddings.com

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  1. Colours –TrinidadWeddings.com predictions would be that 2022 will give way to a more dramatic, deeper colour palette, (unlike 2021’s lighter Pantone colours of grey and yellow) Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year, is “Very Peri” – a blue-violet shade. Other popular colours for next year may be: rosy-brown (also called cinnamon rose), dark grey, deep blue, sage or olive green, marigold yellow, burgundy, rust, deep coral or peach tones. These will be paired with muted neutrals such as: beige, terracotta, copper, caramel, cream and mocha.
  2. Smaller local weddings or rise in Destination weddings – We predict that the majority of weddings into 2022 will continue to be smaller scale. Based on information from our database at TrinidadWeddings.com, the average T&T wedding stayed steady at around 200-250 guests for many years. Although, there will be lavish, large weddings when restrictions ease, we believe those will be in the minority, as most couples will opt for an average of 50 guests (and under) or decide on elopements or destination weddings outside of Trinidad and Tobago, to locations with fewer restrictions or where Covid-19 is under control.
  3. Cakes – To match the smaller guest size, cakes will be smaller in 2022 but will not be without signature style. We will see stunning details such as edible flowers pressed into buttercream, delicate wafer paper flowers and custom-painted cakes.
  4. More eco-conscious couples– “eco-friendly” and “locally-sourced.” will be the two mottos for many couples planning 2022 weddings and they will seek to use more sustainable décor items (e.g. dried flowers and foliage such as pampas grasses and bunny tails), re-usable signage, local flowers and natural elements, like bamboo and raffia.
  5. “Cottage-styled theme” will be popular for 2022– This wedding theme is very similar to the “shabby chic” style that gained popularity in the 1980s and well into the late 1990s. It combines modern elements alongside antique ones such as: lace, wild flowers, fine china, floral linens, chandeliers, vintage/distressed furniture and heirloom pieces.
  6. Gowns – Styles for 2022 will range from simple, minimalist gowns to more dramatic “Bridgerton–inspired” gowns with empire waists, ruffles, corset bodices or dainty puff sleevesTwo-piece wedding dresses will also be a popular choice, for versatility and future wearability.
  7. Catering – In keeping with new Covid safety guidelines, there will be more single-serve food items at weddings and more “plated service” (instead of buffet service). Mini charcuterie cones or jars (featuring an assortment of cheeses, cold cuts, nuts, fruits and crackers) per single guest or charcuterie boards per table, will be a popular option. In lieu of full bar service, a safer option could be having “bottle service” to pods (i.e. groups of people/families who socialise together in-person, and follow safety protocols, such as mask- wearing and social distancing)
  8. Digital invitations will be the new trend, not only to cut costs (and because there are smaller guest lists) but because the information attached to them for online RSVPs, will be useful for contact tracing, if necessary.
  9. Livestreaming  – which is the streaming of live video in “real time,” is here to stay –whether couples chose a “DIY” way to livestream (using a private Facebook group or mobile phones/tablets and apps) or they go all out with a multiple camera production, will depend on their budget. This will allow foreign guests or those who are not comfortable coming to the wedding because of crowds, to still have access and be part of the day.
  1. Wedding venues – Apart from tented outdoor spaces, we will see more backyard, garden, terrace or patio weddings, as outdoor venues will be in higher demand, since they offer more air circulation and may make guests feel more comfortable, in light of Covid restrictions.

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