Keston & Celeste

Keston & Celeste
September 26 2020

“I never had a nick name until I met Keston back in 2016 when he so absent-mindedly labelled me ‘PR Girl.’  I was none the wiser – when searching for his name, all I could find was his WhatsApp soubriquet ‘Chainer’. And so, it began, the reign of PR Girl and Chainer…

We both started working for a Carnival band at around the same time.  We were about three months in when Keston first indicated interest in me…I, however, was not amused.  A few impolite words later and we were furious with each other but intrigued.  Months down the road and we were having some of the most heated yet satisfying debates with each other.  Somehow…some way…we landed here!

Planning a wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most mind-testing things ever.  Everything was/is uncertain!  There was literally a day we made a down payment and an announcement the day after threw the whole thing off.  There was also a long search to find vendors who could feed into the concept of a “non-white” gown wedding, with a rather non-traditional bride and groom.  My fiancé did the best thing in this regard, search for vendors who were passionate about our vision and who were patient, timely and avoided boxing us into any contracts or payments, given the unexpected nature of life during Covid-19.

A micro wedding involves a lot of planning. I was fooled into thinking “micro” meant easy!  This was the 6th version of our wedding, with varying degrees of the versions sometimes changing within a matter of days.  However, finding patient vendors and dedicated friends and family members were the keys to making our 10 guest wedding day, very special.

Chainer and PR Girl forever…” – Celeste


Photographer: Adriel Salandy Photography
Bride’s Dress: Cupid Designs
Bride’s Cloth (hand dyed by): APF Designs
Groom’s Shirt, Paige Boy’s Shirt, Father Giver’s outfit (Batik shirts and Genuine African Clothing) – Innovative African Clothing Solutions
Venue: Yerette – Home of the Humming Bird
Cake: Osunlete (Chef Keon Baker)
DJ: Kumar Sound and Lighting
Bouquet and Flower crowns: La Tropicale Flower Shop
Ring holder (for Paige boy): Palletry TT
Hair: Queen Collection by Renn and Positively Natural Day Spa & Therapeutic Center



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