Nicole & Marq

December 30, 2018
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Heritage Pavilion, Pigeon Point Heritage park, Tobago
Photographer:  Aakiesht Photography, Ryan Narine 

“Truly blessed! Surrounded by timeless and constant natural beauty. It would have been a tremendous mistake and a shameful display of ingratitude as people who hold the right to the heritage of this Island Paradise, not to celebrate the greatest day of our lives basked in the splendour of sun, sea and sand. It’s funny how you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. When I left Trinidad to train in the UK, people asked where I was from. The immediate question that followed after I explained I was from the Caribbean was, “Why on Earth are you here?” Marq and I chose to have a destination wedding, not because the world sees Tobago as a destination. This is our home, and home is where the heart is.” – Nicole

More often than not our appreciation for something only becomes apparent when it’s no longer in our lives. Or as the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Such was the case when we both agreed on gorgeous Tobago for our destination wedding; in celebration of the absolute beauty we are blessed with, as our home. Nicole left Trinidad in June 2017 to pursue a Fellowship in Birmingham and her absence quickly got me on a flight at the year’s end, to surprise her with a gesture of my love – a marriage proposal. Experiencing winter affirmed her love for our twin isles and we started planning our beach wedding, intent on celebrating everything “Trini.” Our decor included local flowers and greenery. Guests were treated to Trini Rum Punch, a spread of mouth watering local cuisine, homemade chocolates and desserts, all second to none. Destination denotes an arrival or a visit but we were most fortunate to embark on our new journey together on a beach that many only dream of visiting…the place we call home.” –Marq 


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