Face of TW 2024

Did you know that on the cover of our TW Wed-Zine magazine we use “real brides!”

Would you like to be on the cover of our 2024 issue?  

Email your full name, contact number, wedding date and 2 photos (one must be a close-up) to magazine@trinidadweddings.com with the subject line “Face of TW 2024” 

Here are the terms and conditions:  


  • You will be featured on the magazine cover of the 2024 Trinidad Weddings Magazine (TW Wed-Zine). The final photo chosen will be at the Editor’s discretion.  
  • A feature story from the photo shoot will also be included in the 2024 TW Wed-Zine. 
  • We will provide your hair and makeup for the day.  
  • Digital photographs of the photo shoot will be provided to you. These photos may not be shared publicly until the magazine has been published and when shared must have a caption crediting the publisher (Trinidad Weddings/TW Wed-Zine) and the photographer.  
  • A hardcopy of the 2024 magazine will be sent to you, upon publication.


  • You must have and wear your wedding gown/wedding attire, shoes and jewelry. In some cases, jewelry and accessories may be on loan to you for the shoot.  
  • You must be able to take a half day off for the shoot (sufficient notice will be given) 
  • You agree that for the period May 2024 – April 2025 that your image will not appear in another local magazine or on any local wedding website.  
  • You agree to grant to Trinidad Weddings Magazine, a non-exclusive, irrevocable license and right to incorporate, use and reproduce your cover and associated photographs, voice, name and likeness in whole or in part and in connection with the advertising, exhibiting, marketing, and promotion of Trinidad Weddings Magazine, in any manner, in all media throughout the world.  
  • You understand that the photo shoot will be filmed for promotional purposes.  
  • You irrevocably grant to Trinidad Weddings the right to use your first name in any publicity carried out for the 2024 issue.  
  • Behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot or images or video of your look on shoot day, may not be shared publicly/on your social media, until the magazine has been published.