I Love You Man: A Guide to Thanking Your Groomsmen

Getting married is a huge step in everyone’s life. Having your groomsmen there by your side is so important to you but also them. They want to be there with you every step of the way. Your support system, your boys, they deserve to be thanked. Below is a list of some of the best ways we think you could tell them just how much you do appreciate them and everything they’ve done and will do.

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Write a Letter

No no, don’t even say “how lame”. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be so rewarding for you and whoever it is you’re writing to. Sometimes writing things out is easier than just saying them. It’s also more meaningful if you take the time to write out how you feel versus just casually telling someone. They can hold on to it for years to come and read it whenever they please. Writing them a letter is also a more inexpensive way of giving them a gift. They’re the most personalized thing you could give them. If you are truly stuck with writer’s block here’s a good place to start if you need some inspiration.



Groomsmen’s gifts are common. You should get your groomsmen a gift if not just something to show you’re glad they’re there. However, to make things more personable, taking the time to choose a meaningful gift is important. You can personalize it which elevates the gift even more. Getting them something personable that you took the time to pick out specifically for them will speak volumes. Where do you even start? There’s a giant list of groomsmen gift ideas that you can choose from. Or even use it as a base to get ideas from. Choosing a gift is so important but taking the time to choose a personable one will make all the difference.


Photo Src: Pexels


Give Them a Day

Now we don’t mean, you need to make a whole special day just for them. Though you could! Easier though you could make your suit shopping day all about them. Take a day where you can all go together and celebrate. Have the groomsmen pick out their suits, get them fitted. Pick their ties or bow ties and pocket squares. Get the important stuff finished but save time for some fun. Take them out to maybe golf, dinner, and drinks. A day out with the boys on you is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them and their support. There are endless things you could do as well other than a night out to dinner. Make it memorable and special. Something (other than your wedding day of course) that they can remember and cherish for years to follow. A special night out doesn’t have to be about girls and booze either. Alcohol is a common way to celebrate, however, if you’re planning this day close to your big day or rehearsal you might want to go easy. Showing up to the wedding rehearsal hungover is definitely something you want to avoid.


Let Them Choose Their Fit

Another way you could show them they are appreciated is simply by letting them have a say in what they wear. Commonly the bridal party wears whatever the bride and groom want them to. Their dedication to doing that should speak volumes! But allowing them some freedom in their outfits could mean a lot. Allowing them to be comfortable can be important as well. Having everyone be their best selves on your big day will make it the best it could possibly be. Letting the groomsmen pick their tie or bow tie could mean the world of difference. Give them a certain color or colors or even a specific style or pattern. Then allow them the freedom to choose what they’d want to wear.


Having your guys by your side is so important especially on a day like your wedding day. And showing them how much you appreciate them being there is also so important. While spending money isn’t necessary when thanking your guys, it is worth it at the end of the day. We hope that with the ideas mentioned above, you know exactly what you want to do to show them how you feel. Even if you aren’t the kind of guy to say. “I love you man.”