How to Conquer Your Flower Budget

Prioritise & Budget – The average floral budget spend is 5-15% of the overall cost of the wedding. However, even before you start spending, carefully plan your budget and decide where flowers rank on your list of priorities. If you’d rather spend more of your money on special effects versus floral decorating, then it may be a hint that you should spend less on flowers. However, if creating a big floral impact at your reception is a priority, allocate a larger portion of the budget to flowers.

Know your Focal Points –  Concentrate your budget on the areas that guests will spend the majority of time in and where the bulk of photographs are going to be taken. If you want to get a real “wow” factor at the reception have the flowers be totally different to the ceremony.

Choose a flower-friendly theme – A vintage or retro theme can somewhat cut your floral costs down, particularly in terms of the vessels you use. This sort of theme lends itself very well to the use of china jugs, teapots, decanters and shabby-chic vases that you or your family may already own. Alternatively, a modern theme is also budget-friendly since you can consider having less flowers and more foliage or succulents. A few gorgeous blooms accompanied by greenery, will have a striking and sophisticated effect.

Indulge a little –If your funds are limited but you really want to use a particular expensive flower, you can, by using it sparingly. Try most of it in your bouquet and using only a few stems in your centrepieces.

Alternative Bridesmaids’ bouquets – this is an area where you can cut costs by giving each bridesmaid a single statement bloom to carry.

Try tricks of the trade!- Make reception floral centrepieces appear larger by placing them on mirror bases and adding votive candles around each one. The reflection and light will certainly amplify the effect.

Double duty – if you can move them, make the most of your church flowers by taking them to your reception venue for added decor. Arrangements done on pedestals can look perfect as entrance displays or buffet table décor; and pew-end floral arrangements can be used as chair backs. You can even ask the bridesmaids to leave their bouquets in tall, sculptural vases on the reception table, near to the guest book.