Sheena & Matthew

  • Wedding date: Officially married on 24th October 2017 / Reception held on 4th November 2017
  • Ceremony Venue: Legal Affairs office
  • Reception Venue: Brian Lara’s Residence, Port of Spain
  • Photographer: Rhema Baksh
  • Decorator: MCR Designs & Concepts Ltd
  • Cake: Cheryl’s Delectable Bakehouse
“Our reception was different in many ways, as our lifestyle and choices are non-traditional. Matthew and I have been together for 4 years. He welcomed my now 6 year old daughter and I, with open loving arms. Since then we have 3 successful businesses and a 1 year old son. In our line of work (events & decor) we’ve had the privilege of doing so many weddings and the comments after from the bride & groom were always.. we should have eloped.
We would always make jokes that when we had ours, it would be BYOB (bring your own bottle) and it would be a fete! So said, so done, we had a fete! We invited our closest friends and family to celebrate our life together and the new chapter that we were starting.
I asked everyone to wear white, Matt wore blue and I wore ivory.
The evening seemed perfect, seeing that I actually married my very own Boy Band member.. Matthew is part of Trinidad’s very own boy band Surge. Surge, as well as the current Soca Monarch King – Voice performed.
Our life motto’s are “Love what you do & Do what you love / Live right & Be kind always.” – Sheena

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