By: Vinita Manoo

Every bride wants to appear flawless on her special day and my mother, of course, was no different. After dating for six years, my father mustered up the courage to request her hand in marriage and she graciously accepted. At the tender age of 20, one of her greatest dreams was coming true and she was determined to make this experience perfect! To ensure that she nailed that sublime bridal look, my mother decided to design her own wedding gown.

Mummy never formally studied design but she always possessed a flair for fashion. After flipping through a few bridal catalogues, she collaged in her mind, the styles she would combine, to have her guests, and most importantly my father, completely mesmerised when she fluttered down the aisle.

The task of sewing this masterpiece was entrusted to her fifty-five year old aunt, who had learned to sew by observation. They both went shopping for fabrics at a bridal store in Port of Spain to create something that would be aesthetically pleasing and of the finest quality.

Et voilà: 36 years later, my mother’s wedding gown has stood the test of time- just like her marriage. I grew up seeing it safely tucked away in her wardrobe. So I thought, “Why not take it out for a second debut?” I knew my mom would love that!

Wedding photographer Richard Munro and professional hair and make-up artist Aneesa Haidarali were both keen about the idea and with a few clicks of the camera, magic happened.

It was a truly emotional moment when my mother saw me photographed in her dress. Flooded with elation and nostalgia, she couldn’t peel her eyes off the photos for a split second. New life was breathed into her precious creation and even after such a long time, it was still looking divine!

As magical as these pictures are, however, they can never compare with the glowing appearance of my mother on her wedding day. This photo shoot is hence, a tribute to my mummy dearest. She is the personification of beauty, creativity, passion, dedication and eternal love – qualities which are all reflected by her graceful gown.


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