Leslie-Ann & Victor

Destination Wedding in Tobago
Date: August 19, 2017
Ceremony: Stonehaven Bay Road
Reception: Villa de Lena, Bon Accord
Photographer: Walk on Water Weddings 

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“Victor and I met at my previous job where I worked as a bank teller; and he was a customer. He later expressed to me that he always admired me from afar, but according to him I appeared to be a mean, beautiful lady that hardly cracked a smile! 
Our friendship began when Victor overheard a conversation between a previous colleague and I, about the twin islands we both call home  – the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Overhearing this conversation was just the opportunity Victor needed to initiate a conversation that lead to our introduction. 
The fact that we both came from the same island was the first thing we shared in common. One day on my lunch break while running a few errands, I ran into him and he invited me out to lunch. We maintained a friendship from that point on. In July of 2014, at the insistence of a co-worker and my sibling, I took my family on a vacation trip to Disney World Orlando at which time I invited Victor to join us. It was a beautiful trip and falling in love became a part of that adventure. Three years later , we planned our unity under God, in a country we both love and share. Bringing two individual families as one.” – Leslie-Ann