Candice & Vede

Wedding Date: 30th August, 2014

Church: St. Ann’s RC Church, St. Ann’s

Reception: Main Ballroom, Radisson Trinidad

Been Together: just over 7 years

Wedding Planner: Lerielle Cole

How They Met: “Vede and I met by chance after work on a Friday. We went to “lime” with separate groups of friends, but had one friend in common who introduced us. We started talking. Vede obviously wanted to get to know me but I was just goofing around making up random untrue stories about my life. After a couple instances of meeting up, I went from a girl that enjoyed my single life (with commitment phobia!) to the woman who fell for my one true love.”

Candice’s Wedding Inspiration: “I combined the things that I love to create a harmonious style for our wedding. I always loved the “old Hollywood” look, so that was my inspiration for my own look: the hair, the make-up, the lace. My décor’s theme was a combination of vintage, elegance and romance, with a hint of nature. The tables featured a brown manzanita branch with some fresh flowers and floating candles with roses. We wanted to create a soft, romantic garden feel but on a budget.”

Wedding Colours: “We went for the soft romantic feel with light pink, cream and hints of gold.”