Renuka and Eldon

November 19, 2017


“We chose a wedding theme of “Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After,” because since we both met, our spirits have become much more at peace and we find ourselves able to appreciate life’s joys even more and constantly laughing at what challenges life throws our way.

Our wedding day was a day of pure joy because it was more than anything that we imagined it would have been. Our Hindu wedding ceremony took place at the Munro Road Shiv Temple, officiated by Pundit Navin Omadath Maharaj, who made us feel so comfortable that he took away most of the jitters on the day itself.

One of the things that made that day extra special is that we had the total support of our families and closest friends,. It meant the world to us to have them present to witness our union. The most memorable part for us, was taking the 7 steps around the holy fire and having our vows explained to us in  detail,  so we understood their importance and their significance. We both wanted this day to be “sacred and holy” above the fanfare of everything else.

If there is any advice we can give to new couples on their wedding day, it would be to understand that things may not go as planned on that day, and there may be issues beyond your control. You have to develop a mindset that no matter what, keep your energies as husband and wife positive and uplifting, knowing that you have just become stronger from this union and that everything else is trivial, and lastly remember to LOVE hard… LAUGH loud … and LIVE happily ever after.”

– Renuka

Wedding Venue: Munroe Road Shiv Temple
Reception Venue & Decor: Indar’s Auditorium
Cake: Sugary Tiers
Photography: Bovell Scott Photography
Caterer: Indar’s Cartering
Engagement Photography:


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